Success story: GEM Compliance Training

Gavin and Emma Milligan and their team in Bingley have been providing top notch compliance face-to-face training for several years.

With a focus on First Aid and Safety courses, they help businesses and individuals in the Yorkshire region stay on top of their regulatory requirements while providing excellent learning experiences for those that attend their courses.

The situation

Like many other forward-thinking training providers, GEM Compliance Training has been looking at ways they can add more value to their customers.

They’re also firm believers that online learning can complement and reinforce their First Aid face-to-face training courses, without the hassle and expense of all the travel and time away from the business.

As such, they were looking to develop an online First Aid annual refresher programme that would help keep their learner’s knowledge up to date with the latest thinking and advice, while also helping them stand out from the crowd.

They had identified an online training platform they felt would help them deliver this but wanted validation that this was the right approach for them, particularly given some of their future plans.

While they had some technical experience and expertise within the business, they were struggling to create an experience befitting that of the GEM Compliance Training brand and their face-to-face sessions.

The challenge

GEM Compliance Training had already filmed a series of high-quality training videos to use as the basis for the online programme presented by their trainers. It was important that they were able to validate that the learner had viewed each video in its entirety and completed a short assessment to confirm their understanding of the key concepts covered in the materials.

It was also key that each person received a PDF certificate via email on completion and that this could be sent automatically by the platform itself.

Given the large number of people that take GEM Compliance Training’s courses each year, the learning platform needed to be handle this and provide Gavin and Emma’s team with the tools to manage all their learners in an easy-to-use interface.

The solution

Using a combination of WordPress, Learndash and bespoke code, we developed a solution that provided their customers with a slick experience, as well as provide GEM Compliance Training with all the administrative functionality they needed to manage this work.


“I want to thank Andy and Mark at Candle Digital for all their support in putting our plans for our new online First Aid annual refresher video training in to a reality.

Everything we were hoping it to be, it is and more! We are very proud to offer this new video training platform to our clients.

We have just started to roll out the video training to our clients and the feedback we have had so far is excellent! Thank you again for your support, it’s very much appreciated!

If you need support with creating online learning within your business, look no further than Andy and Mark at Candle Digital!”

Gavin Milligan

Gavin Milligan

Managing Director @ GEM Compliance Training

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