Case study: LoveTEFL

LoveTEFL are experts at finding recent graduates and career-breakers fantastic jobs teaching English all around the world.

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, LoveTEFL are a young, vibrant company looking to offer unique products and services that provide real value for their customers.

The situation

The team at LoveTEFL have decades of experience in the TEFL industry. They help English speakers get TEFL-qualified, find work and make a big success of their first position overseas.

While LoveTEFL already have a successful business in connecting job seekers with a number of positions in Asia, Europe and Africa, they were looking at ways to monetise their considerable expertise in new ways.

They had already identified online courses and resources as a way of supporting their customers in their teaching journey, but were looking for expertise to help them identify and setup the right technical platform to help them achieve their ambitions.

The challenge

LoveTEFL see the ability to provide customers with useful courses and resources as an important revenue stream for the future. As such they were looking to provide access to learners on a two-tier subscription model. The first would provide access, free of charge, to a limited set of resources. The second would provide access to the entire library for a monthly fee.

It was really important for LoveTEFL to have a platform that would empower their team to build courses and resources themselves without outside support.

The team also needed to have the ability to manage individual learners access when required, as well as generating reports on activity to understand how the learning platform was being used.

LoveTEFL have a strong brand identity, so it was important that the learning journey and theme was aligned to this and contributed to the overall LoveTEFL experience.

Finally, it was essential that the platform would be flexible enough to support future development as the business grows.

The solution

We used WordPress as a basis for the LoveTEFL Learning Hub, given this was a platform the team were already comfortable with and (with relevant plugins and bespoke code) provided them with all the functionality required to deliver their learning products.

We created the ability for LoveTEFL to specify whether a course or resource should be available to all learners or just paid learners. The platform understands the subscription profile of every learner, and as such displays the content that is relevant to them. It also provides a prompt and a link to sign up for a paid account if the learner currently does not have one in place.

The strong visual identity of LoveTEFL is carried through the Learning Hub and the theme has been built to mobile-responsive, meaning LoveTEFL’s customers can access the site on the go, wherever they are in the world!

The LoveTEFL Learning Hub is a major first step to monetising their expertise and we’re looking forward to seeing it turn into the inevitable success it will be!

Jo Bearcroft, Company Director, LoveTEFL

“The Candle Digital team have helped us turn an idea into a reality through their expertise and advice. We involved them at an early stage when the LoveTEFL Learning Hub was just a concept.

Through their advice on technology and planning we’ve been able to create a great looking system that we can manage ourselves and is user-friendly for all.

With regular updates and communications we launched our new LMS right on time and on the agreed budget, we will definitely be working with Candle Digital again when the chance arises.”

Jo Bearcroft, Company Director, LoveTEFL