You know your business and customers better than anyone else.

Our job is to marry these insights with our expertise in developing new digital products to create an asset that’s going to help your business grow.

While every business is different, we typically use a 4-stage process to turn your idea into reality.

1. Coffee & analysis

After an initial phone conversation, we like to meet up face-to-face to flesh out your idea, get to know your business, your competition, your vision and most importantly, your customers.

We’ll also ask you lots of questions about your current products and services, how you envisage your idea fitting in with them and discuss how you could take your idea to market.

2. Planning & design

Now we start to put some meat on the bones. At this stage, we’ll work out exactly what needs to be achieved and the timescales involved. We’ll also detail what the product is, and plan ways you can get some early feedback from your target customers.

We’ll create a draft marketing plan so you can start warming up potential customers before the launch and put the pieces in place so your product starts attracting some attention.

3. Development & testing

Now we turn the concept into something tangible. We aim to develop incrementally, so you can see the progress we’re making and also give you the chance to test and refine as we develop.

We’ll ensure your solution works well with your existing business systems and is flexible enough to grow as your business does.

4. Launch & commercialisation

We’ll help you integrate the new product into your business, as well as give you the tools to launch your new product to the world.

We’ve found that on-going partnerships generate the best results, so we’ll work with you to build on your early successes and drive your business to new heights. We’ve got your back!

Your new digital team

We’re passionate about unlocking the potential in online and digital for ambitious business owners.

Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, we’re a small, friendly team that packs a hefty punch. You’ll find that we’re easy to work with and as driven as you are to make your project a success.

We pride ourselves on how many of our partners work with us for the long-term, and we’d love to find out if you could be our next success story.

Malcolm Simms - Director at ITFA

We have decades of experience in textiles, and we wanted to find a way of sharing this in way that benefits both us and those in our industry. Candle Digital helped us figure this all out and developed an online community that we’re really happy with. Even though it’s early days the feedback and response we’ve had so far has been fantastic.

Malcolm Simms - Director at ITFA