You know your business and customers better than anyone else.

Our job is to marry these insights with our expertise in online learning to create new products that will help your business grow.

While every business is different, we use a 5-stage process that has proven success in turning ideas into reality.

1. Discover

Our popular one-day workshop is a great way to start the process of developing your own online learning products.

First, we’ll take the time to understand your business, competition, vision, ambitions and customers. Then we’ll sketch out the various online learning opportunities open to you, helping you understand how these fit in with your current business and how you can take your idea to market.

We’ll digest all this information and add our own thinking and experiences to give you a blueprint for the future. You’ll then have the clarity and know-how to take the next steps forward.

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2. Design

If you think we’re the right fit, we’ll work with you to tease out the finer details.

We’ll go deeper on your plans, working out exactly what needs to be delivered, the budget required and the timescales involved. We’ll identify what your online learning product will look and feel like and the technology required to support it.

We’ll also help you figure out how to talk about your new product and warm up your existing customers to generate some pre-sales.

3. Build

Now we turn the concept into something tangible. We create the learning content and platform that’ll bring your plans to life.

We aim to build your product and platform incrementally, so you can see the progress we’re making. This gives you the chance to test and refine it as we go along.

We’ll ensure your solution works well with your existing business systems and is flexible enough to grow with your business.

4. Launch

Prior to the big day, we’ll work with you to pull together a comprehensive launch plan to announce your new product to the world.

We’ll help you integrate your online product into your business by providing comprehensive training for you and your team.

Then it’s time to celebrate bringing your new product to market!

5. Grow

Now you’ve got your online learning product out there, what’s next?

We’re here to help you commercialise your offer and sell it to new and existing clients.

We’ll work with you to plan the next stages for your product – after your first successes you’ll be keen to develop your offering further and add even more value to your business.

To reassure you that your investment is in safe hands, we’ll manage all of your hosting needs and keep your platform fully patched with the latest security updates. No hassle!

Malcolm Simms - Director at ITFA

We have decades of experience in textiles, and we wanted to find a way of sharing this in way that benefits both us and those in our industry. Candle Digital helped us figure this all out and developed an online community that we’re really happy with. Even though it’s early days the feedback and response we’ve had so far has been fantastic.

Malcolm Simms - Director at ITFA

Unsure how to take your training online?

Our interactive, one-day discovery workshop will kick-start your online learning journey by helping you carve out the path to offering online and blended training products.

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Case Studies

Case Study: Love TEFL
LoveTEFL are experts at finding recent graduates and career-breakers fantastic jobs teaching English all around the world. A subscription-based membership platform was a key business growth strategy for LoveTEFL. We helped this flourishing Leeds business take their expertise online in record time.

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Case Study: Aspire Development
Aspire Development needed an intuitive and robust learning platform to help their delivery team rapidly create courses and resources for their learners. We helped this ambitious Halifax-based business take the first step in providing a blended offering for their clients.

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