Intellectual Property and Code

If you decide to use our services, we’ll request that you sign our terms and conditions. This establishes a common ground for both parties on many aspects of the project we’re about to commence. This can lead to questions about intellectual property, who owns what, and how this affects you. For clarity, we want to explain how we approach this area.

Your project may entail many different areas of code development. We may create bespoke add-ons to your learning management system, or tweak your website. We remain the author and owner of intellectual property of any bespoke code (however IP rights for any systems or platforms that we use (e.g. WordPress) remain with their respective owners). It’s important to note that this does not mean we own your learning platform or website, and we don’t take any ownership of any design, content or ideas that you provide. What we own is the specific lines of code that we’ve written to apply your requirements.

When we develop a new feature for you, or tweak an existing piece of software, we may use elements of code that we’ve used in previous projects. This way we can save development time, and ultimately your money. If we give you ownership of our code, we can’t do this.

This is not unusual, and many other agencies work in this way to help their clients benefit from their prior experiences. We provide you with an irrevocable and perpetual licence to use the code we provide. This gives you freedom to change suppliers, update your platform or transfer ownership while maintaining our IP rights.

This does not restrict you from changing to other suppliers to maintain your learning management system or wider platform in the future. And you can still tweak this yourself. Given we often use open source technology and adhere to good development practices, this also means you can find other partners to provide services to you should you wish to do so.