Delve Talent Tool Programme goes online!


Sometimes you come across a product or service and think “I wish I’d known about this 10 years ago!”.

Before Mark and I founded Candle Digital, I managed a small team for a training and travel business and the performance review process felt clunky at best. It often felt like a pointless box-ticking exercise from which no-one really benefitted – especially those that weren’t ear-marked as potential ‘high-flyers’.

So when we were introduced to the Delve team and their unique framework our eyes were opened to a better way of doing things! Sarah and Nic from Delve take a human-centred approach to having effective conversations about performance and aspirations between managers and their teams. Importantly it doesn’t just focus on the ‘rockstars’ as many frameworks do – it recognises the importance of supporting those looking to flourish in their existing roles.

As such we were really excited to learn about Delve ambitious plans for the future. Delve wanted a way to provide a blended option of delivery. This would involve a way for managers to learn about the approach in an online format that would be supported through face to face and live online conversations.

We helped Delve bring their ideas to life and we’re proud to see the Delve Talent Tool Programme being piloted with groups across the UK. The online programme reflects the strong Delve brand and includes video, interactive activities and offline ‘missions’ to help managers understand and deploy the approach into their organisation.

Sarah from Delve said:

“We’ve been planning on developing our Talent Tool Programme online for some time now and during the COVID pandemic we’ve shifted our business to work more digitally. It was the right time for us to work with Candle Digital to support us to turn our vision into reality. “

“Our online programme will be a key part of our business in the future and we are looking forward to continuing to expand our digital offer even further with support from Candle Digital.”

Make no mistake, the Delve approach to talent management is going to become mainstream very soon and we’re delighted to help them fuel that growth! Learn more about Delve’s unique approach to helping teams thrive.

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Andy Jack

Andy Jack

Andy loves helping subject experts, authors, speakers, coaches and key persons of influence to monetise their expertise with online learning. When not on his laptop, he'll usually be found up a mountain!

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