The world has changed. Online learning is no longer a nice-to-have for training companies and we make this natural next step in your business a reality.

Online learning can help your company:

  • Reach new clients, audiences and markets
  • Deliver more training at scale and at a lower cost
  • Offer your clients more flexibility and involvement in how you help them
  • Increase the impact you have with your learners
  • Unlock the value of your expertise and intellectual property in new online formats

Yet many training providers struggle to make a success of online learning – or even get started at all.

If you’re new to designing online learning it can be hard to know where to start. It might seem like there’s a whole new language to learn. And the options are so diverse it can be hard to know what’s right for you.

Together we’ll craft the right online learning product for you. But unlike other elearning companies, our support doesn’t stop there. We’ll make sure you’re ready to launch, have a solid plan to make the most of your investment for the long-term and help you refine your product as new customers come on board.

If you’re thinking about online learning for your training business, there are many different formats your new offering could take:

Online courses

Self-paced online courses are an ideal way for training providers to open up new markets and clients at scale without all the expenses of live delivery.

You’re already helping people with your expertise with face-to-face and live online training, so why not create an engaging and interactive online course that’ll help your learners anytime, anywhere?

Turn your expertise into online courses

Blended learning

A mix of live workshops (held face-to-face or via video call and online self-study) can be the best of both worlds.

Reinforce your live sessions with online training before, during and after your programmes to increase your impact – making the most of your precious contact time with learners.

Resource libraries

You probably have a wealth of materials that can become a valuable resource for your learners. Make your presentations, workbooks, and handouts work harder by converting them into an easy-access bank of resources available to help people exactly when they need it.

Use this rich resource to open up new commercial opportunities and add value for clients.

Combine all three!

Why not create a platform that offers all three?

We can develop a learning platform with the flexibility to mix and match according to client needs, while opening up new opportunities to sell directly to individual learners.

Which option is right for my business?

It’s more a question of which option is best for you. This will depend on factors like the nature of your training, the market you are in, the impact you want to have with your learners, and your ambitions for the future.

Our discovery workshop identifies how online learning can help your training business grow. In just two half-day online sessions we will create the perfect blueprint for you.

Learn more about our discovery workshop

Liam Widdop, Commercial Director

“This is the first phase of our digital learning journey and developing a partnership with Candle Digital was critical to the success of the project. Candle Digital supported us to formulate our ideas and make them a reality.”

Liam Widdop, Commercial Director