Some things are just a natural fit for each other. Cheese and crackers, Ant and Dec, Yorkshire and good taste (!)… but LearnDash and Arlo?

We’re big fans of LearnDash and have been for years. It’s intuitive to use, easy to customise and has all the key features you need in an LMS without all the bloat that can come with other open-source learning management systems.

We’re also big fans of Arlo, and it seems like many training providers are too! Arlo is a talent management system – helping training companies sell and manage their face-to-face and live online events with ease. It’s increasingly becoming the standard platform for training administration for businesses looking for a way to simplify and streamline their operations.

So we thought we’d bring two of our favourite platforms together and help them work together seamlessly, so we created the Arlo-LearnDash integration plugin. But why?

Training providers want the option to offer eLearning, whether that be as a standalone product or as part of a blended solution. Elearning products can be purchased through an Arlo store, but require a separate LMS to be delivered through.

That’s where the Arlo-LearnDash plugin can help. If you have a LearnDash site (if not get in touch – we can help), you can easily implement the plugin, set up your products in Arlo and your customers can be purchasing and studying their online courses in LearnDash in next to no time.

For Arlo customers, it’s also important that they can monitor the progress and completion of their learners in the Arlo platform. There’s nothing worse than having to access one platform for one thing, another platform for another thing – especially when Arlo is the cornerstone of your training business. As such we’ve cleverly developed the plugin to automatically tell Arlo when a learner has completed their course in LearnDash.

So if you use the Arlo training management system and want to add elearning to your offering, then the natural option should be LearnDash and the Arlo-LearnDash integration plugin!

Andy Jack
Andy works with training providers of all shapes and sizes to help them unlock the potential in their business. If not online, he'll usually be found up a mountain!

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