If you follow us on social media, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been a little quieter than usual – and with good reason! We’ve kept our plans under wraps for some time, but now we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new sister company – Training Spark.

Training Spark

Since 2016 we’ve worked with many fantastic commercial training providers to help them bring their expertise online in the form of online courses, academies and resource hubs. During this time, we’ve increasingly adopted WordPress (complemented by LearnDash) as our go-to platform and built many bespoke adaptations to meet the needs of specific clients.

In our discovery workshops with new clients, we talk about the “mountain of value” they are often (unknowingly) sat on and not using. Handbooks, training notes, old powerpoints, insights, anecdotes, their networks – these are often rich seams of helpful information that could be repurposed into new formats to generate income, promote the brand and attract new clients.

So we’ve finally listened to our own advice and created two WordPress/LearnDash plugins for web developers worldwide to help their own training clients. The first, the Business-to-Business Toolkit, provides essential functionality to deliver online training to B2B clients – such as bulk enrolment, overbranding and progress reports. The second integrates the popular Arlo training management system with LearnDash to allow training providers to sell eLearning alongside their core face-to-face and live online training.

We’ve been delighted at the early response and excited to see our developments being used by training companies all around the globe. This gives us even more insights into the needs and direction of training providers, which will further inform our consultancy and development work with Candle Digital and help us be even better at what we do.

For more information, check out the Training Spark site. I’ll also be documenting our journey and lessons learned on Twitter – you can follow me @andyjackcandle. We’re finally practising what we preach and are excited to share what we learn with our great clients and future partners.

Andy Jack
Andy works with training providers of all shapes and sizes to help them unlock the potential in their business. If not online, he'll usually be found up a mountain!

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