We’re really pleased to reach a major milestone today, with it being five years since we registered Candle Digital (then known as Candle Learning).

Although we tend to look up rather than down, with around half of all businesses failing within the same period, we’re really proud to still be here helping training providers of all shapes and sizes take their expertise online.

The last five years have been a real rollercoaster (and continues to be). It’s full of thrills, spills, ups and downs, but it’s definitely worth the ride.

Reflecting on the past five years, there are a number of things we’re particularly proud of.

Many of our clients are in this for the long haul, and we’re pleased that we’ve supported the development of their first online products and beyond. We continue to work with the vast majority of clients we’ve taken on. Our clients have become partners, friends and confidants too.

For many of our clients, taking their expertise online has opened up new opportunities, futureproofed their business and changed how they work (for the better). We’re proud to have empowered and supported these big changes.

We’ve also created a business that works for us. We’ve adopted a 4 day week internally – without compromising on quality or client relationships – meaning we can stay fresh and spend more time with our families and other interests. We’re comfortable with what we’re trying to achieve and how we can help our clients to the best of our abilities.

But rather than rest on our laurels, we’re already looking forward to the next five years. We want to continue to grow Candle Digital and have even more impact on training providers looking to deliver online learning. We’re also excited to see where we can take our new business Training Spark to support more training providers to deliver online learning.

Finally, a big thanks to all those who have helped us over the past five years. Our great clients, our team of freelancers and contractors and the wider Yorkshire business community – you’ve helped us to get where we are and we can’t thank you enough.

Andy Jack
Andy works with training providers of all shapes and sizes to help them unlock the potential in their business. If not online, he'll usually be found up a mountain!

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