Why learners love blended training


When many people hear the term ‘online learning’, the first thing that often comes to mind is self-study eLearning modules.

Yet the online and digital world provides training designers with a multitude of tools and formats to create a rich learning experience.

For example…

  • Group video calls
  • Daily challenges
  • Coaching sessions
  • Automated email chains
  • Dripped content
  • Social media and slack groups
  • Reflective tasks
  • Interactive scenarios
  • On-demand resources

And more could be added to online training to help learners achieve their goals.

One of the biggest challenges with self-study online learning can be motivating learners to enrol, progress and complete their training. There are many things in life competing for our attention, so understandably it can be easy to get distracted and lose commitment.

At Candle Digital, we believe a blended approach can greatly impact your learners by using a selection of the elements we’ve listed.

A blended approach often involves mixing on-demand online learning with contact time with a tutor and a group of learners. The self-study element act as the input, where learners can learn about a topic in their own time. The contact time (typically delivered on a Zoom meeting or face-to-face) gives learners the opportunity to connect, ask questions, check understanding, learn from each other and practice applying what they’ve learned.

This approach brings several advantages over traditional eLearning:


As learners are working through an online programme with a specific schedule (with meets every week or so), this gives them a structure to study to. For example, learning content can be provided by the course creator each week. The learner knows what they need to achieve/completed each week – helping them build a rhythm with their studies.


As learners in a blended training programme are studying as a group, there’s a reliance on each other to progress through the programme together. Through the weekly calls, each learner will want to ensure they can make a valuable contribution to the group – encouraging them to study the requisite materials in advance.

Learning from others

When it involves contact time as a group, blended learning brings opportunities to share insights and learn from other participants. It’s why a lot of people like face-to-face training – it provides opportunities to hear fresh perspectives and learn from others’ experiences. Given the powerful meeting platforms we have at our disposal, there’s no reason this can’t be baked into your training.


A self-paced online course can sometimes feel like a lonely and isolating experience at times, particularly if the learner runs into challenges with the training material.

In blended learning, learners can seek help from their peers. After all, they are studying the same materials at the same time. They can also find encouragement when motivation is dropping.


A critical part of a successful learning experience is feedback. Often receiving feedback from peers, rather than the tutor, can be very valuable for students.

Giving feedback is also an important skill that students can develop. Having the role of a teacher makes students reflect on their own work too.


With a self-paced online course, each student has the same experience, irrespective of their experience, understanding or prior learning. With a blended course, students can provide feedback which may help a course tutor adjust the training.


Being part of a blended course brings opportunities to connect with peers, build relationships and build their network. Often learners will be grouped together for a reason – they may share a common interest, a role at work or face the same challenges – and by connecting, this can provide opportunities long after the training programme has finished.

Need help designing or delivering blended learning at scale? We can help your training business deliver high-impact training that your learners and clients will love.

Andy Jack

Andy Jack

Andy loves helping experts, authorities, specialists and key persons of influence to monetise their expertise with online learning. When not on his laptop, he'll usually be found up a mountain!

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