Creating Scenario-Based Learning Simulations with Chat GPT


There’s been a lot of talk about ChatGPT in online learning circles. But at Candle Digital, we prefer action 😉

Recently we’ve been working on integrating ChatGPT into one of our client’s course. But before we delve into the detail, first some background…

Building confidence and competency through practice

Martin Mellor is an expert on all things finance. Over the years, he has built a strong reputation for helping managers within organisations and businesses gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to have better conversations about finance with their peers.

It’s an area that’s often overlooked in management development and commercial programmes. Managers have a raft of responsibilities, and having a good understanding of financial jargon and documentation goes a long way to helping them flourish in their roles.

When we took Martin’s expertise online, a big focus of this was on how to facilitate practice. Practice is at the heart of any impactful learning experience, but we’ve always been restricted by the tools at our disposal.

Conversations with ChatGPT

ChatGPT has finally given us the opportunity to trial simulated scenario-based activities, where the learner has a ‘conversation’ about finance with an avatar.

With a tightly-defined prompt, we’ve been able to create a chatbot which gives the learner a chance to answer questions in a dialogue format, rather than in a tightly-bound quiz format.

Scenarios like these can be really powerful. They provide a safe place to fail, a valuable chance to get feedback and a way to really deepen understanding of what has been taught.

We will be piloting this in the next few weeks. Integrating the Chat into Martin’s learning platform has taken some work, as has crafting the prompt to get the results we want, but we’re excited to see the feedback from the next cohort of learners.

New opportunities with Artificial Intelligence

We think developments like this will just be the start in providing deeper and more supported learning experiences. As we’ve previously written, artificial intelligence is seen by some as merely a quicker way to churn out course content faster – but we think there’s far more potential once you think beyond the shortcuts.

In time, artificial intelligence will allow us to deliver some of the more ‘human’ aspects of education online at scale (think personalised tutor support), and we can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Andy Jack

Andy Jack

Andy loves helping subject experts, authors, speakers, coaches and key persons of influence to monetise their expertise with online learning. When not on his laptop, he'll usually be found up a mountain!

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