4 canvasses to help you make your online training a success


We love canvasses! As part of our discovery workshop, we use these tools to help key stakeholders communicate and collaborate to tease out their plans for online learning.

But if you want to design commercially-successful online training, what are the best canvasses to use?

Here are our top four:

1. Value Proposition Canvas

The most important of the lot. You can sink weeks and £££ into creating online training – but if you can’t articulate your offering with clarity and in a way that creates a desire in your customer, then it’ll fail.

By using the canvas you’ll visualise the ‘pains’ and ‘gains’ of your learners and start to generate ideas that can be used to create your online training product. If you’re selling into other organisations, it’s also worth doing this for the other stakeholders – for example, the OD/L&D department that you are selling into.

Download the Value Proposition Canvas

2. Empathy Map Canvas

To create a learning experience people care about, you need to know what your audience think, feel and do.

Use the empathy map canvas to tease out some initial ideas, then validate with real people!

Download the Empathy Map Canvas

3. Learning Experience Canvas

Online training comes in many different shapes and sizes. With a strong understanding of your learners (and clients), you can shape the type of experience that will have a big impact on your learners.

Download the Learning Experience Canvas

4. Business Model Canvas

Your online training has to integrate well with your business and stack up financially too. Use the Business Model Canvas to identify any blind spots and work out how you’ll implement this in your organization.

Here are some further insights in how you can use the Business Model Canvas for your online training.

Download the Business Model Canvas

If you need some support in using these canvasses to develop your online training, then get in touch. Our discovery workshop uses tools like these to tease our a blueprint for online learning that’ll work for your business.

Andy Jack

Andy Jack

Andy loves helping subject experts, authors, speakers, coaches and key persons of influence to monetise their expertise with online learning. When not on his laptop, he'll usually be found up a mountain!

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