Using quizzes to generate leads for your training business


On the front page of the Candle Digital website, you may have noticed a small box with the question ‘Are you ready to take your training online?’ and a big purple button which reads ‘Check your potential now’. We’ll let you into a little secret – this is probably our most powerful marketing tool.

Candle digital lead generating quiz
Click on the button, and you’ll have the opportunity to answer a short quiz. Answer twenty questions and you’ll get a steer on whether you are ready to go online with your training services.

This has become our most powerful lead tool for a few reasons:

1. It provides real value to the quiz-taker

Prospective clients might not be sure whether they want, or even need our help. The results of the quiz provide them with a quick sense-check on whether their idea is worth pursuing right now or perhaps park for later.

2. It helps us start a dialogue with potential clients

Once someone has taken the quiz, we always follow up (assuming they provide us with permission to do so) to discuss the results and see if they want to take things further. Starting the conversation is an important first step to turning a lead into a client, even if the time and opportunity is right for them just now.

3. We have a good understanding of their situation and needs before we even speak to them

This works well for both sides. Our first conversation is much more meaningful and effective – we understand where they may need our help and they already have a strong insight into where they stand.


Now we’re lucky enough to have the technical expertise within the business to create the functionality for the quiz ourselves (the lovely Mark Langdale, of course). But we’ve asked several times by clients and contacts how they can make their own?

THe good news is, you don’t necessarily need your own Mark to create your own. There are a plethora of services where you can create your own lead-generating quiz relatively easily! To make things a little easier, I popped on my Sherlock hat and investigated some of the best options out there. Here’s what I found:


1. Lead Quizzes

Interestingly enough, Leadquizzes is actually endorsed by Neil Patel, something of a marketing guru, which is always a good sign. Their quiz builder has a nice, simple layout and is easy enough to use. Here’s the demonstration they use on the website:


lead generating quiz from leadquizzes


Their pricing scheme is simple; the entrepreneur package is £24 per month ($29) and allows you to add content to 1 website. The business package is £55 per month ($67) and allows up to 5 websites. You’ll simply need to work with your web company to add this to your web site.


2. Quizzes4Leads

Quizzes4leads works in a very similar way, though perhaps somewhat let-down by its lack of flashy influencer-marketing tactics. Neil Patel isn’t backing this one, but it is just as convenient to use with a nice interface. Here’s the example quizzes4leads have on their site:


quizzesforleads example lead generating quiz


The pricing for Quizzes4leads is great if you’re looking to get started for free. The free ‘startup’ package will allow you to create 2 quizzes but limits you to 10 questions per quiz and you’ll only be able to capture a maximum of 500 leads per month.  For £16.50 a month ($20), the ‘growth’ package, you can remove all those caveats and have unlimited quizzes, questions and leads! Should you be interested in white labelling, you could get the ‘leader’ package – but it’s going to cost you a whopping £41 ($50), and that’s the only benefit of the package.


3. SurveyAnyplace

Finally, Surveyanyplace is the last of the three options. I liked this one but felt that the builder was a little more clunky than the others. Though the actual builder can be confusing at times – if you can get your head around it, you’ll be rewarded with much more control over the mechanics of the end results and how your quiz will look.


example of quiz builder on surveyanyplace

All the above options have free trials available to test the water.


Before you get stuck in, we thought it’d be useful to give you some top tips when creating your quiz:

Make sure there’s a good reason to do your quiz. Nobody likes to sink time in answering a load of questions, then not get anything of value back. Make sure your audience leaves with their questions answered and a key steer on what the next steps could be.

A good design goes go a long way. If you are going to use this as a key marketing tool you’ll need to it to attract the right attention and be as ‘on-brand’ as possible.

Test different ‘calls to action’. We opted for the “Am I eligible?” approach, which works well, but you needn’t feel limited to that approach alone. You may find it makes more sense to do a “Test your knowledge” or “Discover your personality” type of quiz. Whatever you choose, test and refine.

Promote it! Make sure you direct people to the quiz by putting it in your website’s navbar, the sidebar and possibly even including a “hello bar” (which appears along the top of the page when users scroll down).


Now you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to promote your quiz where you can; this includes sending out emails to leads who have completed it and using it in your other promotional content.


If you’re still curious or not sure how to go about making a lead-generating quiz, feel free to get in touch! And if you haven’t already had a go at our quiz, what are you waiting for?

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