We help training providers turn their expertise into online courses, resources and toolkits.

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What we do

Scaling your training, coaching or consultancy business can sometimes feel confusing, frustrating and difficult.

How can you attract more customers? Add more value? Make your services less reliant on you?

If your revenues are shackled by the number of clients you can take on, or the size of the training room, then it’s time to start selling your expertise, not your time.

We help businesses develop and market digital products to unlock their potential and generate significant growth.

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Who we work with

In short, we partner with people and businesses that ‘sell their expertise’. You could be a training provider, a coaching professional, a consultant or an advisor helping your client overcome a specific organisational challenge.

Typically, our partners have hit a roadblock. They’ve built up a strong reputation, have a steady stream of customers and are great at what they do – but they’re struggling to take their business to the next level.

Online and digital products can help you achieve this. And that’s where we come in.

How we helped Xenonex

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How we work

Your business is special, and you know your customers better than we could ever wish to. There’s a reason you’ve already had some success. Our challenge is to tease out this ‘secret sauce’ and help you take it online.

We use a proven 4-stage process to help you turn your idea into an online product or service that reflects your expertise and brand. Work with us and we’ll help you unlock the potential in digital learning for your business.

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Kirsten Cameron - Director at RedKite Innovations

Candle Digital were crucial in taking our training services online. They identified a format that captures the essence of how we do things and this has helped us stand out from the crowd. Our online platform has helped us attract new clients and drive new revenues.

Kirsten Cameron - Director at RedKite Innovations