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Grow your training business with online learning

The world has changed. Online and blended learning is no longer a nice-to-have for training companies. Yet many training providers struggle to make a success of online learning – or even get started at all.

When done well, online learning can help your company:

  • Reach new clients, audiences and markets
  • Deliver training at scale and at a lower cost
  • Customise your offering for your clients
  • Increase the impact you have with your learners
  • Unlock the value of your subject expertise in online formats

But to unlock these benefits, you need to make the right strategic decisions. We help training businesses identify a plan for online learning that’s right for them.

Helping you make the right decisions

If you’re new to online learning, or struggling to get your clients excited about your online offering, it can be hard to know where to turn to for help.

What platform should I use? Should I create courses, resources, or both? Online or blended? How will it work alongside my face-to-face training? What’s in the first phase of the project? How much will I need to invest?

We’re proud of the strong relationships we’ve built with our training clients. And it all starts with creating a robust plan that you can grow into. We’ll help you answer all these questions and identify the right approach to online learning for your business.

Get started with our expert-led Discovery Workshop

Before we can make the right recommendations for your training business, we need to understand you, your business, your products and your vision for the future.

Our interactive discovery workshop will kick-start your plans for online learning over two high-impact, half-day sessions.

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Liam Widdop

Our partnership with Candle Digital was critical to the success of the project. Candle Digital helped to formulate our ideas and make them a reality.

Liam Widdop

Liam Widdop

Commercial Director @ Aspire Developments

Make the right decisions for your training business.

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