Crafting online learning products that drive commercial success

A fresh approach to online learning

It’s natural for subject experts and thought leaders to think that creating an online course is largely involves turning their existing content into an online format.

Yet online learning comes in a variety of formats, shapes and sizes. What’s key is designing an online learning product that attracts customers, has a positive impact and is the right fit for your business.

We can help you design online learning products that matter.

Evolving online learning beyond on-demand elearning

When most people mention the term ‘online learning’, they think of boring on-demand elearning that no-one wants to waste their precious time on. But online learning can be so much more than this. We’ve helped our clients develop unique learning products and experiences that stand out from the crowd:

  • Online academies the combine bitesize online courses with downloadable resources.
  • Cohort-based programmes that blend self-study online content with live virtual workshops.
  • Diagnostics that create personalised learning journeys for individual students.
  • Automated nudge sequences to reinforce key points and unsure your teachings stay on the radar.

Designing for your clients and their learners

With a detailed understanding of your client, their employees and all other stakeholders, together we can design learning experiences and online training products that will have a transformative impact.

In turn, this opens up new commercial opportunities to grow your new training business and consolidate your position as a respected subject expert.

We’ll work with you to identify and validate a compelling online learning offering and turn this vision into reality.

It all starts with our expert-led Clarity Workshop

Before we can start designing your online offering, we need to understand your vision, your business, your products, your market and your competition.

Our interactive clarity workshop, delivered over two high-impact, half-day online sessions, will give you the firm foundation you need to progress confidently with your idea.

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